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Product description:

Vinimazem: Warehouse or inflatable hangar for storage of different products (parts, food, goods, machines, grains, seeds and equipments, etc.).


Reinforced PVC laminate or PVC tarp with high tenacity polyester threads fabric.

Size: Confectioned in several measures. Applications, dimensions and special shapes under consultation
Package: Individual.

  • PVC Tarp confectioned with high resistance material and durability;
  • The welds are made in the factory, with total gauarantee of its efficiency and durability;
  • The hangar is completely detachable and easy to transport;
  • Quick assembly (around a week).
  • Completely usable internal space, whithout intermediate columns;
  • Natural lighting thanks to translucid stripes form the superior and side coverage, eliminating the use of electric energy during the day;
  • Constant ventilation;
  • Does not need foundation, own anchoring system;
  • Does not need metallic structure;
  • Technical Assistance throughout the national territory.

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